Come and experience the hike of your life. Over 30,000 people hike Rwenzori mountains using the central circuit Route every year. The best time to hike is during the dry seasons of July to October and from December to February.

Rwenzori Mountain is found in Bundibugyo district in western Uganda. It is located on the border of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.  It is the 4th highest mountain in Africa and its peak known as Stanley or Magherita peak is 5109 metres high and permanently  snow capped. The mountain has the ability to support a glacier because of its high peak. It is one of the sources of the River Nile. It takes most people roughly a week to approach and climb Mount Stanley.

DAY 1 & DAY 2

You shall be picked from your hotel by our guide who shall drive you to Kasese town which is the biggest town next to Rwenzori Mountains National park. It is a 7-8 hours drive. You shall check in at the Equator Snow Hotel, have dinner then sleep to energise for the next day’s activities.


Nyakalengijja to Nyabitaba Hut- 8KM

After breakfast, you shall be picked by our guide who shall brief you about the hike. You shall start the hike from Nyakalengijja to Rwenzori national park gate where you shall be registered before entering the park. You shall start the central circuit trail trek through the thick tropical with high elephant grass. You shall see forest elephants, chimpanzees, monkeys, several bird, tree and plant species. You shall reach the nyabitaba hut where you shall have dinner and relax for the next day’s hike.

DAY 3 & DAY 4


Nyabitaba to John Matte Hut-11KM

After breakfast, you shall move through thick shrubs and forest for 30 minutes to the Kurt shafer bright. You shall then go through bamboo, forests and slippery moss covered rocks for some hours. You shall then come across the Nyamulejju rock shelter where you shall stop over for lunch. From here, you can view the Mount Stanley if the weather is clear. You shall then continue to John Matte Hut where you’ll have dinner and spend the night. This place has a good view of the Margherita glacier which is on Mount Stanley between Alexandra and Margherita peaks.


John Matte to Bujuku hut-5KM

After breakfast, you will cross River Bujuku through the forest to the lower bigo bog which is a swampy area. This used to be the hardest part of the hike especially for females because its so boggy. But now there’s  a walkboard upto the end of the boggy area. You shall then take a steep hike along a ridge which will take you to the upper bigo bog. After, you shall move through the remaining boggy area with no walk boards to Bujuku Hut. Here, you shall have a view of Lake Bujuku, Mount Speke, Mount Baker and Mount Stanley. At this point, one is able to ascend Mount Speke and Mount Stanley. You shall then have dinner and relax for the next day’s hike.

DAY 5 & DAY 6


Bujuku to Elena Hut

This is a 5-7 hours hike. You shall have breakfast then move through the sides of the upper bigo bog. You shall then hike through the steep slopes of Lake Bujuku. The trail ascends to the 4372 meter Scott-Elliot pass where you shall pass through more swamps and the ground gully. You shall use a metal ladder to go over a steep section of the gully. The trail is then divided into two with the left trail leading to Scott Elliot pass then down to Kitandara Lakes while the right trail leads to the Elena Hut which is at the rocky part of Mount Stanley and is too cold.


Elena Hut to Kitandara

You shall wake up at 2 am and have breakfast. You should be dressed up in your harness, warm hand gloves and head sock. You should carry headlamps, helmets and sunglasses. You shall hike to the top of Mount Stanley,  Margherita peak through the Stanley plateau. On steep rocky areas, you shall use ropes to help you move. A guide shall teach you how to use the equipment while on the ice. On the glacial parts, you shall use crampons and an ice axe.after a few hours, you shall reach the bottom of the Magherita glacier. This is the most difficult part of the hike. You will hike through this glacier upto the top of Mount Stanley, Margherita peak.(5109m). at the top, you shall have a view of Ireen Lake and Mount Speke. You shall then descend to Elena Hut for lunch, then descend to Kitandara where you shall have dinner and spend the night.

DAY 7 & DAY 8

DAY 7         

Kitandara Hut to Guy Yeoman Hut

After breakfast, you shall move through the base at Mount Baker which is very slippery. You shall ascend steeply up the headwall to fresh field pass. You shall then have a long muddy descent and pass the rock shelter at Bujangolo. It will take you upto 5-7 hours to reach Guy Yeoman hut which is at the banks of River Mubuku. You shall then have dinner and relax for the next day’s hike.


Guy Yeoman to Nyabitaba to Nyakalengijja

From Guy Yeoman you shall descend to Nyabitaba through the rain forests. The path is slippery and muddy with little to hold on toand needs careful balncing over th vertical mud or steep rock. After 5 hours, you shall reach Nyabitaba hut where you shall have a stop over for lunch. You shall continue to descend for 3 more hours to Nyakalengijja. On arrival in the evening, you shall be driven back to Kampala.

Price per person for different numbers of people

2ppl- USD 1195 P.P.

3ppl-USD 1190 P.P.

4ppl-USD 1185 P.P.

5ppl-USD 1180P.P.

6ppl-USD 1170 P.P.

7ppl-USD 1160 P.P.

8ppl USD 1150 P.P.

9ppl-USD 1150 P.P.

  1. Airport transfers
  2. Accommodation with meals
  3. Bottled drinking water
  4. Private 4 by 4 Safari vehicle with knowledgeable driver and guide
  5. Park entrance fees
  1. Flights
  2. Visas
  3. Insurance
  4. Meals and beverages not mentioned
  5. Tips


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