This is the ideal tour for the cultural enthusiasist. It is not a sight seeing tour but a participatory experience .You shall experience living the life of a Karimajong for one week.  The Karimajong are one of the few remaining raw tribes of Africa. They are cousins to the Masaai of Kenya. They are found in the arid North East of Uganda. They are group of proud and fierce semi nomadic pastoralists with a rich cultural heritage. Unlike other tribes in Uganda that have embraced modernity and foreign religions, the Karimajong still follow their traditional religion. They believe that all the cattle in the world is theirs hence the clashes and cattle raids with their neighbors. A man is valued according to how many cattle he has.  The karimajong are usually half naked and live in harmony with nature and their bodies harbor tribal markings. The Karimajongs live in homesteads called Manyattas. These homesteads are comprised of huts made out of mud and cow dung. The Karimajong’s staple food is milk and dried blood. You shall enjoy their traditional dances, learn how to prepare the local food, go through a mock marriage and listen to stories from elders by the fireplace.

You may choose to stay in a lodge at night or in a traditional hut in the village.

Price per person for different numbers of people

2ppl- USD 750 P.P.

3ppl-USD 735 P.P.

4ppl-USD 715 P.P.

5ppl-USD 710 P.P.

6ppl-USD 700 P.P.

7ppl-USD 695 P.P.

8ppl-USD 690 P.P.

9ppl-USD 690 P.P.

  1. Airport transfers
  2. Accommodation with meals
  3. Bottled drinking water
  4. Private 4 by 4 Safari vehicle with knowledgeable driver and guide
  1. Flights
  2. Visas
  3. Insurance
  4. Meals and beverages not mentioned
  5. Tips


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